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Amaco Aztec High Fire Mender - MM-02 - for Porcelain, Pottery, Stoneware, Clay, Etc.
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MM-02
Price: $9.50
Uses: Repairs-Add-ons-Attaching flowers, ribbons, etc. - Repairs broken pieces - Fixes hairline cracks.
Attach greenware to greenware - Attach greenware to bisque - Attach bisque to bisque - Removes hard spots.

Magic Mender INSTRUCTIONS for Porcelain, Pottery, Stoneware, Clay, etc.

1.Do not wet the piece to be mended.
2. Magic Mender is pre-mixed, so there is no need to add slip.
3. Apply mender to both sides with a soft brush. Do not over apply. Press the pieces together - when mender beads out of the sides you have full coverage. Hold the pieces together a minute or two until they remain joined.
4. If Greenware: Remove excess immediately. Clean when semidray with a Scrubby.
5. If Bisqueware: Let mender dry completely, then clean it as you would clean greenware.

How to fix:

Hard Spots - Apply to a thin smooth coat of mender over the area.
Broken Stilts - Apply the mender and fire.
Hairline Cracks - Use knife tool or Dremel tool to open crack - You must get the mender deep.
Otherwise the crack will reappear. Dip a brush in the mender and in some water so you have a flowing consistency.
Allow the mender to flow into cracks, let dry. If you need a second application do so, then clean the piece, paint and fire.

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