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Barlett - Modular Controller - 30 Amp
Barlett - Modular Controller - 30 Amp Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 31013
Price: $635.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Retrofit your manual kiln control to digital. Unit can be adapted to work with any kiln. With a Bartlett Controller, firing is always right at your fingertips. The easy access faceplate gets you firing fast and gives you immediate information right from the keypad. The Barlett offers two methods of firing: Cone-Fire and Vary-Fire programming. From the keypad, the Cone-Fire method fires to a specific cone number using one of four speeds: slow bisque, fast bisque, slow glaze, and fast glaze. Once you choose the cone number, you can preheat the kiln at 180 degrees Fahrenheit and even hold (soak) upon reaching cone temperature! Cone-Firing profiles are preset to insure that the correct heat work is done to mature the witness cone. Vary-Fire programming gives you six separate firing profiles with up to eight segments of separate heating or cooling rates, temperature setpoints, and hold times.

Features and Options for Barlett Controllers: - Preheat: Set a preheat stage for any Cone-Fire profile-holds the kiln at 200 degrees F. for the time you program. - Delay: the start time of a firing. - Alarm: Set a high or low temperature audible alarm (buzzer) before or during firing. - Cone Offset: raise or lower the final cone temperature. - Cone Table: review temperature ofr a cone number. - Skip Step: skip to the next programmed step. - Error Message: turn on or off for firitng error protection. - Program Review: View any time during or before a firing.

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