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Our History

Seattle Pottery Supply, Inc. was founded by Jim Lunz in March of 1975. Formerly a teacher in special education, Jim fostered a love for clay and the ceramics medium since 1960, and he has been working with it ever since.

As more and more people and institutions in the region worked in the clay medium, Jim recognized the need for a quality supplier of pottery-related products and services, and Seattle Pottery Supply, Inc. was launched in a small 5000 square foot space in Seattle's University District.

Since that time, by responding to this need in a qualitative, consistent, and reliable way, Seattle Pottery Supply, Inc. has been expanding its ever-broadening supply of pottery-related products and services ever since to an increasingly longer list of satisfied artists, ceramics enthusiasts, production operations, and educational institutions.

Jim Lunz taking a break from "hands-on" operations at SPS's current 35 Hanford Street sales, service, and manufacturing facility.
By providing reliable service and a broader and broader spectrum of quality ceramics products and services, Seattle Pottery Supply expanded its business over the timespan of only a few years. Needing more space, SPS then moved to a Capitol Hill location at Pine and Bellevue streets that occupied 30,000 square ft. This allowed for a more efficient business operation and even more growth until 1981. Note: That's a younger Jim Lunz standing tall on the forklift with the same timeless smile and ageless enthusiasm. You should see how his face still lights up, especially when he does raku!
In 1981, after further diversification and expansion of the business with custom clay and glaze formulation, firing services, and kiln manufacturing, sales and service, and even more specialized products and learning materials, Seattle Pottery Supply again moved moved to its current 35 Hanford Street, location of over 70,000 square feet.

Now strategically located right next to the railroad tracks where we can receive and send ceramics products and raw materials in bulk, Seattle Pottery Supply currently provides an impressive array of quality products and services, regionally, nationally, and now even internationally. It's also now become the place to go for anything pottery-related in the Pacific Northwest.

The Crucible Kilns manufacturing, sales and service operation also located at Seattle Pottery Supply, Inc. provides a comprehensive line of energy-efficient electric and gas-fired kiln products and services. We also can build custom-made kilns to custom specifications, and repair and re-build third-party kilns.

Latest chapters in Seattle Pottery Supply's most recent history also now include both printed and web-based versions of our comprehensive Seattle Pottery Supply catalog for either traditional fax-in or state-of-the art 21st century online ordering.

Our new Seattle Pottery Supply e-Catalog uses "next phase" specially encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) online ordering where you can now log in and even create a convenient, personalized "My QuickList" shopping list for ordering and re-ordering products, and for preparing your internal purchase order requisitions as you plan and implement arts curriculae.

Then you all you have to do is add list items to your "shopping basket" and click "checkout" and we'll take care of the rest. Our new online system will even accept approved purchase orders from qualified institutions once an online account has been set up.

Part of our new online services will also include sending a special full-color online version of our newsletter. Checked full of helpful information about new techniques, products, services, special events, new publications and special offers, it will provide just the kind of information you'll like to make your Seattle Pottery Supply experience even more enjoyable. So don't forget to join our "no-spam" opt-in e-mail list to receive our e-newsletter. CLICK HERE to sign up.

So that's it for now about our Seattle Pottery Supply history. Thanks for continuing to help us write some great future chapters!

Seattle Pottery Supply

Seattle Pottery Supply's web site now even has online ordering, with a convenient "My QuickList" ordering feature for re-ordering more clay, glazes and other products. The new system also accepts authorized P.O. numbers. For help setting up your account, contact us at

Prices are subject to change, and items may not be in stock.

WARNING: Some of our products can expose you to chemicals including Quartz, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Lithium Carbonate, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to