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A-Plaster Slump Molds
Code Name Image Price    
42239 Pure and Simple - Large Deco - Plaster Slump Mold $22.50
42240 Pure and Simple - Medium Deco - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42241 Pure and Simple - Large Oval - Plaster Slump Mold $22.50
42242 Pure and Simple - Medium Oval - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42243 Pure and Simple - Large Ellipse - Plaster Slump Mold $22.50
42244 Pure and Simple - Medium Elipse - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42251 Pure and Simple - Small Square - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42250 Pure and Simple - Medium Square - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42249 Pure and Simple - Large Square - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42248 Pure and Simple - Small Rectangle - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42246 Pure and Simple - Large Rectangle - Plaster Slump Mold $22.50
42247 Pure and Simple - Medium Rectangle - Plaster Slump Mold $18.50
42245 Pure and Simple - Large Oblong - Plaster Slump Mold $22.50
42274 Pure and Simple - Fish Platter - Plaster Slump Mold $22.50

Disclaimer: Prices may not be accurate as they change faster than we can keep up with!

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